Flexible cross-country training 2017

This summer we will again be offering flexible cross country training which, it is hoped, will enable us to make more use of days when the weather turns out to be suitable. This training is open to all solo members but will be particularly valuable for those with little or no cross-country experience. It will operate as follows.

Thursdays and Fridays during the summer (from April 1st through to September 30th) will be prioritised for cross-country training. On these days, whenever the weather is suitable, Robert Theil or Andy Beatty, will take aspiring cross-country pilots on cross-country flights. Normal ab initio and general training will also be available on these days, and bookable via the website in the normal way, but fewer slots will be available.

Members interested in this training should now register their interest (and any limits on their availability such as Fridays only) with the office. At the beginning of each week members wishing to book a cross-country training slot for the coming Thursday or Friday should book directly with the office.

On Tuesday or Wednesday when the forecast is looking good for the end of the week the office will confirm the cross-country training with those that have booked. If there are still spare spaces, others on the list will be contacted to offer them a slot.

If the forecast is poor the office will send out a general email to members to say that extra general training slots will be available on the coming Thursday and/or Friday and these can then be booked via the website.

Cross country training will be bookable (via the office) a week in advance but please register your interest with the office now.

Additional cross-country training opportunities

As an addition to the flexible cross country training described above, Andy Beatty is making his Duo Discus 871 available for cross-country training flights on most weeks from Monday through to Wednesday. You will fly with either Andy or Robert but availability will depend on other instructors being able to take over their 2 seater training bookings.

To make use of this, about a week in advance, let the office know that you’d like to book 871 on a particular day. If a volunteer instructor is able to take over their current bookings for that day, and the forecast for the day remains suitable, the office will confirm your booking nearer the proposed date.

These flights in 871 will be charged at standard club 2 seater rates.

Obviously, these additional opportunities for cross-country training will not always turn out to be available so please be prepared to learn that your request cannot be met on occasion.