Aerobatics training – now taking bookings!

Dear All,

To encourage us to have fun gliding even when it is not soarable, Martin Whitehead and Graham Spelman have kindly volunteered to offer us aerobatics training every Saturday over the winter – weather (wind and cloudbase) permitting.

They will be offering bookable slots to two people in the morning and two in the afternoon, which can be booked on the normal two seater booking system. This is in addition to the normal bookable training – so when gliders aren’t in the workshop for annual checks, along with trial flights, we aim to have all four two seaters flying on these days!

Aerobatics training can be booked on Saturday 28th October, and then each Saturday from 11th November onwards over the winter. Please make sure that you book on the two seater booking system against the instructor called “AEROBATICS TRAINING” – otherwise you won’t be booked on aerobatics training, and you will take up someone else’s normal instructional slot!

If the weather is not good enough for aerobatics on the Saturday, the session will be cancelled. However if the weather on Sunday is looking good, and a glider is available, Martin and Graham will communicate to those booked to move the training session from Saturday to Sunday, and if they can’t make it, an EMail will be sent round to see if anyone can step in.

We are hoping that not only should this appeal to people wanting to learn aerobatics with a view to competing in aerobatics competitions, but people will also want to come out and enjoy:-

  • Finding out new ways of having fun in gliders
  • Improving their flying accuracy and handling skills
  • Building their confidence in flying
  • Polishing up and extending their existing skills in aerobatics
  • Keeping current over the winter months
  • Meeting up with and building friendships with other like-minded club members on the airfield

Aerobatics training is available to people of all stages of their glider flying, from pre-solo to those with instructors’ qualifications and diamond badges!

If you are interested in extending your gliding qualifications, Martin will also be offering the opportunity for you to gain your BGA standard aerobatics badge. Typically you would need to book in for around 3-4 sessions to reach the required skills level from scratch to gain your badge. Of course, you will need to be post solo to qualify for this, as your examiner will watching you from  the ground while you fly the aircraft!

So what can you expect from booking a half day aerobatics training sessions:-

  • Briefing and ground training to suit your individual needs
  • A couple of aerotows to 4000’ each with an 18-20 minute fun flight – so you will need to budget around £130 for launch and flying charges each session
  • Martin and Graham will teach you to fly the manoeuvres:-
    • Standard:
      • 45° diving and climbing lines
      • Loop
      • Humpty bump
      • Wingover
      • 270° turn
    • Other:
      • Chandelle
      • Quarter clover
      • Stall turn
      • Spin 1 turn
    • Martin will also be able to demonstrate (but not teach) the following advanced aerobatics manoeuvres:-
      • Slow roll
      • 180° inverted turn
      • Half roll inverted
      • Half roll erect
      • Inverted stall
      • ½ flick roll (in the Perkoz – not the K21)

… so this isn’t necessarily about coming out once and learning to do a loop – of course that is also fine if that is what you are after – but can also become a learning programme of developing a whole new range of ways of having fun with gliders

If we get enough interest, we may decide to invest in training up an instructor to offer advanced aerobatics, to provide aerobatics training midweek, or to extend this from being a winter activity to one across the year when conditions allow (e.g. in early mornings and evenings).

To help us to gauge demand and to stay in contact with those who are interested in participating, if you are interested or think you might be, please can you help us by completing the following (very) short  survey:-

Many thanks – and we hope this encourages you to have more fun gliding over the winter!

Kind regards,