We offer a range of membership options including full, young person, temporary, and reciprocal for a full list click here.

Flying Charges (Members) – Effective 1st April 2018

All charged in 5 minute fractions of the hour. (Special rates apply to cadet scheme members, family members, young person members, and Lite members.)

Aircraft Type Cost
Per Hour  Max
Two Seat Training Aircraft  £44.25  £133.20
Junior  £39.00  £104.61
Pegasus, Discus, ASW-24  £51.90  £147.70
Motor Glider  £87 (£77 over 10 hours)
Tug  £112.75 (£15 minimum)

Launch Charges (Members) – Effective 1st April 2018

Launch Cost
Winch  £11.25
Aerotow Р1,000 ft £22.05
Aerotow Р2,000 ft £31.25
Aerotow Р3,000 ft £40.45
Aerotow Р4,000 ft £50.15
Aerotow Р5,000 ft £59.85
Aerotow Р6,000 ft £73.15

Additional aerotow height is charge at £0.92 per 100 ft. Above  5000 ft, £1.33 per 100 ft is charged.

Facility Fees (Effective 1st October 2018)

Launch Cost
Syndicate/private owner with trailer  £410 p.a.
Syndicate/private owner with trailer and T Hangar £635 p.a.
Member trailer parking glider non flying (not available to non-members) to be parked in Romney Hut trailer park (pro rata rebate if removed during year) £135 p.a.
Use of FES charging facility £145 p.a. including electricity

Visitors £5 per day including electricity

Caravan Park Pitch (New caravans to the site £200 RETURNABLE deposit due) £430 p.a. plus electricity
Caravan Storage Pitch (New caravans to the site £200 RETURNABLE deposit due) £135 p.a.
Visiting Touring caravan with use of toilets and showers £20 per night
Camping with use of toilets and showers £5 per head per night
Heather Suite £25 per night
Bedroom 1 (small double) £20 per night
Bedrooms 2 and 3 (twin rooms) £15 per night (single occupancy)

£20 per night (double occupancy)

Workshop £12.50 per day

Other Fees

Aerotow retrieves
£1.75 per km distance from Gransden Lodge Clubhouse. Minimum charge: £25.00.

Bursaries and Scholarships

There are a range of schemes that you might be eligible to apply for to help with the costs of gliding. We have listed some of them here.