Airfield and Fleet Status - Monday 25 July 2016

Webcam - SSW (hi-res image)

Webcam SSWGround state:   Main runway usable.

Two Seaters 

K-21 - KFY
K-21 - HTV
Grob 103 - EWP
Puchacz - JEC
Falke G-BODU 100hr check done 19.7.2016 "good to go".
  (✔ = Serviceable)

Webcam - WSW (hi-res image)

Webcam WSWPictures last updated: Today at 05:14

Single Seaters 

Junior - HEK
Junior - HDU
Pegasus - FVV
Discus WL - DM
ASW19 - CU

Weather - at Cambridge Airport (EGSC)

Valid: Yesterday at 1850Z
Temp / Dewpoint: 21° / 16° C
Cloud: 5 - 7 oktas at 2,400 ft
Wind: 250° - 10 kt
Visibility: More than 10Km
24hr QNH trend: Surface Pressure Trend1016 hPa
(source: ADDS)
GRL weather station Local weather

Notes from the office

The entrance road to the airfield is now open! (Sunday 5 June).




Robin G-OCGC Use either tug and try to balance hours. * FLARM display U/S.
Robin D-ELSB Use either tug & try to balance hrs Now on 15W-50 oil.
Webcam South-South-West
Webcam West-South-West
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