Fixed Price to Solo – £1,400

If you want maximum certainty about the cost of gliding, our fixed price to solo package includes all the flying you need to go solo.  You may choose this scheme at any time up to and including, your tenth flight, the package charge will be reduced by the flying charges you have already paid.

First Solo - an unforgettable experience
First Solo – an unforgettable experience

What this package includes

What is not included

Flights longer than 45 minutes – the excess time will be charged at members rates

  • Membership
  • Solo flights
  • Post-Solo training flights
  • Logbook, Books, and training materials

Small Print

The package is only valid for 12 months from first flight and can only be used once. While most people will go solo in under 12 months it cannot be guaranteed that you will be sent solo within the 12 months. Progress depends on personal aptitude and commitment.

Medical Restrictions

You will not be able to fly  if you:

  • weigh more than 103kg (~16 stone);
  • are over 6ft 3 inches (~1.9m) tall;
  • are under 14 years old;
  • suffer from in the present or past: epilepsy, fits, severe head injury, recurrent fainting, giddiness or blackouts, unusually high blood pressure, a previous coronary;