Dear All

As you are probably aware the DfT announced today that the restrictions on GA and recreational flying have been lifted. Up until lunchtime today we had been advised that this might not happen for another few weeks. This is clearly very good news and I’m sure you are all champing at the bit to get back into the air.

Colin Cowden will be communicating our plans for restarting flying shortly, but please understand that this restart must take place in a safe and controlled fashion. Colin’s plans will describe the phased approach we will be taking. Rest assured we intend to get as many of you as possible flying soon but we must do this with safety as a priority.

We also need to pay close attention to our biosecurity. The club will not be able to operate as it once did for a considerable time and so we must adapt to our “new world”. To protect us all we MUST adhere strictly to the current government guidelines on social distancing which are available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/staying-alert-and-safe-social-distancing/staying-alert-and-safe-social-distancing. We will communicate more about how we will tackle the challenges these present over the coming days, but for the time being please take careful note of the following restrictions.

Access to the site will be allowed from tomorrow Saturday 16th May for members only, but with the following restrictions in place:-

1. Members MUST adhere to all of the government’s social distancing policies
2. Members should take every care with their biosecurity and ensure they have the equipment necessary for this including such items as gloves, wipes and anti-bacterial gels. There are some limited stocks of these items at the club and we will endeavour to obtain more in the coming days.
3. The club house may ONLY be accessed to use the toilets and for washing hands. There is to be no gathering of any kind within the clubhouse. The kitchen is closed until further notice.
4. The office should only be accessed to obtain keys or equipment necessary for flight.
5. Supplies of anti-bacterial hand gel will be available at the main club house entrance. Please use this BEFORE opening the club house or office doors.

Many thanks for your continued support as we make the journey back to flying operations in a controlled and safe way.

Kind regards

Peter Joslin

Cambridge Gliding Centre