Dear All,

Over the past few weeks we have been building up our experience on how best to operate in the light of coronavirus.
We have now distilled this experience into a set of bio-security protocols which we are adopting as a club from today.
Before you next come on site, please familiarise yourself with the following bio-security protocols.
Additional specific guidance is also being given to our communities of launch marshals and winch drivers.
Many thanks for your continued support through this difficult period.
Kind regards,

Pete Joslin, Chairman
Colin Cownden, CFI
Ed Hellawell, Chief Launch Marshal
John Shannon, Chief Winch Driver

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The advent of the COVID 19 Crisis has imposed on the club and its members significant changes in the way we interact at the Gliding Club. In order to ensure basic levels of Bio-Security it is vital that all members adopt the following policies with immediate effect.

The adoption of these policies does not however absolve individual members from taking personal responsibility for their own safety and Bio-Security.

General COVID-19 policy

Government Social Distancing Regulations shall be in force at all times when on the airfield. The 2 metre separation rule is a fundamental element of this policy and members should remember to adhere to it unless safety factors dictate otherwise.

Members should not congregate in communal buildings such as the office, club house and other ancillary buildings.

Regular hand washing is strongly advised and club toilets, including the shower block are all equipped to provide this with soap and paper towels

First Aid / Emergencies

In the event someone needs urgent first aid or an emergency on the airfield, this takes priority. Bio-security measures should be restored as soon as practicable.

Face Coverings

Masks and face coverings are not currently required by law however a supply is available from the office and should be used when working in close proximity with another member.

Hand Cleanser

Alcohol based anti viral hand wash is available in all club buildings and vehicles. It should be used prior to using vehicles or entering the club house and office.

Members should only enter the office or club house buildings for short periods sufficient to accomplish specific tasks and should not gather within.


In the event of inclement weather members should find individual shelter in their own vehicles or under outdoor cover. However, the 2m rule must still be applied.

There is limited shade on the airfield; members should ensure they have adequate sun-protection.

Food and Drink

Members must remember that the kitchen is closed and there will be no food and drink routinely at the club. Please bring sufficient food and drink for your duty.

Club Keys

Clean keys with a wipe or disinfectant spray when collecting from the cupboard and again when returning.

Mintel Simulator

The simulator controls and the touchpoints of the instructor station should be wiped down with the supplied ant-viral wipes prior to use and after use.

The Trainee should be responsible for the cockpit area and all touched controls, buckles and harnesses.

The instructor should be responsible for the instructor station in the simulator control room (Heather suite).

During use a free flow of air through the simulator room may be encouraged by opening the rear door and the small window behind screen 5. The main simulator entrance door may also be left open.

There should not be more than one person (the instructor) in the control room (Heather suite) at any time.

Use of Club Vehicles

  • Hiluxes
  • Buggies
  • Aerotow Trailer
  • Tractors

Each club vehicle should have a supply of disinfectant spray, anti-viral wipes and rubbish bags.

If allocated a club vehicle to use the individual member is responsible for cleaning the “touchpoints” of the vehicle prior to use AND after use.

  • Outside and inside door handles
  • Steering wheel
  • Keys
  • Gear levers
  • Radio
  • Window handles
  • Any other obvious touch points e.g. tow bar handle

The number of users of the club vehicle MUST be kept to a minimum. If a change of user is required the previous user MUST first wipe down “touchpoints” in the vehicle before handing it over to the next user who will then repeat the process.

Windows on vehicles should be open as much as possible to maximize airflow.

Passengers may not be carried within club vehicles.


The winch should have a supply of disinfectant spray, anti-viral wipes and rubbish bags.

Generally, the winch activity can maintain the required separation so no face protection is mandated. Nothing should prevent anyone using face protection if they feel the need.

In any winch failure situation at the winch where social distance is compromised, all people involved MUST wear some face protection – face masks are kept in the winch.

Winch Drivers are encouraged to wear disposable gloves, though this is not mandatory. Gloves isolate the WD from the world and vice-versa. Wipe down the gloves periodically to remove any externally acquired contamination.

Any change in gloves should be put straight into their personal rubbish bag which they take with them through the shift. WDs are advised to carry hand-gel or a bottle of washing water & soap for use at the winch.

Clean all touchpoints prior to use and at the end of the duty. Clean again if handing over the winch to another driver or if assistance has been required to resolve a problem.

  • Doors internal and external handles
  • Winch controls
  • Radio
  • Access door handles and or locks
  • Sign
  • Chocks

Club Gliders

Each club glider will have a supply of anti viral wipes. They should be stored securely such that they may not become dislodged during flight and disrupt aircraft controls. This is particularly important for club two-seaters flown solo.

The pilot conducting the DI should wipe down all touch points with anti-viral wipes as part of the DI.

Prior to flight the pilot should wipe down all touchpoints. This should include:

  • All Controls
  • Instrument panel
  • Harnesses and buckles
  • Canopy controls
  • DV panel and air vents

Club gliders with boom mics should have the microphone covered with fresh clingfilm prior to each pilot’s use. After use the cling film should be removed by the pilot and disposed of safely.

Cling film is available in the glider or may be obtained from the office.

After flight the previous pilot should repeat the above cleaning procedure before handing the glider over to the next pilot or returning the glider to the hangar.

Club Radios

Club handheld radios are colour coded to clearly identify them.

If allocated a club radio to use it should be first cleaned by the user using a spray mist of disinfectant and wipes. The radio should remain with the allocated user until handover or the end of flying. On handover the radio should be cleaned by the previous user before handover and cleaned again by the new user. At the completion of the day the last user should clean the radio before replacing it on charge.


If members have access to their own parachute we would encourage its use in club gliders.

Chemical cleaning of parachutes is not recommended and should not be carried out on club parachutes, apart from the buckles. When using a club parachute clean your hands with gel after putting on or taking off a parachute.

Handling of Aircraft

It is not possible to ensure that all areas of an aircraft have not been touched by another member.

Gloves may provide an additional level of protection however they will only provide the wearer with limited protection if used in a very disciplined fashion.

Members should remain 2m apart when pushing or manoeuvring a club glider.

The best advise is regularly wash hands after touching surfaces and to avoid touching one’s face. At the launch point regular use of hand cleanser may be required. Hand cleanser is available in the club vehicles and buildings.

Launch Log Keeping

The launch point log should be kept by the launch marshal. Launch marshal may prefer to provide their own pen rather than use the club one supplied.

Bio-Security Supplies
If any supplies around the club or in vehicles and gliders require replenishing further stocks are available in the club office. they will be reordered as required by the club.

Version 1.0 Issued 19th June 2020