In order to make the workshop available to members for essential glider maintenance, whilst conforming to COVID-19 requirements, the following rules and procedures are to be applied with immediate notice for work to both club and private gliders.

Owners may request the use the workshop for essential maintenance of their gliders by Emailing Chris Lewis at chrismlewis@btopenworld.com. If access is approved, they must adhere to the following rules:

  • Only one glider can be worked on in the workshop at one time.
  • Gliders to be booked into the workshop using the booking system available here 
  • NO other work of any kind, by anyone, to take place in the workshop when it is occupied by the member’s glider. The member in possession is required to enforce this rule!
  • Only two persons to have access to the workshop during the course of the work, unless they are members of the same household.
  • Social distancing must be observed. If close working for short periods cannot be avoided, face masks and gloves should be worn by both parties.
  • Private owners must provide their own tools, parts and consumables, and PPE. All of these must be removed at the end of the work. (There will be no workshop or club tools available, and no access to the office or any of the cupboards and drawers.)
  • Work surfaces, door handles and other places touched must be cleaned down before and after the work, and the floor swept after the work is complete and the glider has been removed.
  • It is recommended that air circulation should be encouraged by keeping doors open and using the wall-mounted extractor fan to assist.

Chris Lewis

Chief Technical Officer, Cambridge Gliding Centre

3rd June 2020