Dear All

As you will be aware the club is now operating within a COVID-19 “Tier 2” region and we must follow the rules for tier 2 areas. In particular you must not socialise with anyone you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place.

Under the current rules, GA flying and training flights are permitted. Classroom briefings/debriefings and simulator training are integral to flight training, and essential for meaningful delivery of our training flights. Provided we are conducting training and NOT SOCIALISING we can be indoors.

So It is essential we draw a clear distinction between “socialising” within a club environment and “flying training”. Under the rules we can continue to provide classroom based ground school instruction provided we adhere to rules established within our business risk assessment:

  • Trainees must wear a face covering.
  • Desks should be spaced at 2m intervals and should be wiped down by the user prior to use and after the training session.
  • Windows and doors should be opened if temperature permits.
  • Time in classroom should be limited to the provision of the planned training. However, sufficient time must be taken to ensure the training given is full and complete. The training should not be compromised.
  • It is important that we strictly adhere to the above for training purposes only. All other club leisure and sporting activities must follow the Tier 2 Covid rules.

When using the simulator the instructor will usually continue to use the `Heather Suite control room with the pupil in the front seat of the simulator.

  • However we do allow instructors and pupils to use both back and front seats of the simulator if both are happy to do so. In this case face masks must be worn by both pilots and the simulator must be wiped down before and after use.
  • The simulator room door should also be left open during use to improve the ventilation through the room

The above rules will allow us to continue to provide essential ground based theoretical knowledge instruction and simulator training.

Kind Regards

Pete and Oliver

Chairman and CFI, Cambridge Gliding Centre