Cloud Rally 2018

The 2018 Cloud Rally is being held mid-August, Saturday 11th to Sunday 19th.
Now in its fourth year, the Cambridge Cloud Rally is a sociable and fun week with some competitive flying for all CGC & CUGC members, families and friends.  The competition element of the Cloud Rally is aimed at offering something that gives a taste of a Regionals without the more daunting aspects, and to encourage less experienced or less bold pilots to do some cross-country flying.
Last year there were 45 entries, evenly split between the Funster and Racer classes, making it the most popular non-Nationals competition in the UK !
The 2018 Cloud Rally website is now available here including the rules.  (Rule Number 1 should be HAVE FUN!)  You can make an entry online as well.
We can looking forward to some good August weather…

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