Basic aerobatics course

For solo pilots to gain a full understanding of how to perform basic aerobatics safely, acquire the necessary handling skills, and fly the test for the standard aerobatics badge solo.

To have FUN!

Price: Members £465*, non members: £515*


Who is the course for?

  • For any solo pilots wishing to train for and achieve the standard aerobatics badge, either from Cambridge Gliding Centre or other clubs.
  • The course is also valuable for solo pilots who just want to improve their handling skills, flying accuracy, confidence and knowledge.

Course objectives

  • Gain a full understanding of how to perform basic aerobatics safely and acquire the necessary handling skills.
  • Fly the test for the standard aerobatics badge solo.
  • Improve pilot competence and situational awareness.
  • To have FUN!
  • The aerobatics manoeuvres covered in this course (and the standard aerobatics test) are:
    • 45 degree climbing and diving lines
    • Loop
    • Wingover
    • 270 degree erect turn
    • Humpty Bump

Course content

  • Ground briefings before and after flying include:-
    • How to fly the manoeuvres
    • Understanding the aircraft limitations & flight envelope
    • Physiological effects due to G & sensations
    • Safety & escape procedures
    • Laws and rules specific to aerobatics
  • Six dual flights (aerotows to 4000 ft) and one solo flight for the standard aerobatics badge test
  • Up to one hour in the Mintel simulator (if required) for training on aerobatic manoeuvres and safety actions

Course duration

  • The course usually takes two days. Where weather dictates, the course may be undertaken over two or three days within a 2 week period


  • Members of Cambridge Gliding Centre: £465*
  • Members of other BGA Clubs: £515*, including daily membership

* When additional flights are required to achieve the necessary level of proficiency, these are charged at members’ rates less 10%

  • Small print:-
    • The aim of the course is to achieve the required level of skill & knowledge to perform solo basic aerobatics.  Soaring will not normally be included and where any flight includes soaring then flying charges will be levied in addition to the fixed cost.

Due to coronavirus, we are not yet taking firm bookings for this course. If you are interested in any of our pilot training & development courses, please complete the advanced booking form here