Basic Aerobatics

The Cambridge Gliding Centre is very pleased to be able to offer basic aerobatic training for glider pilots at 'solo standard' or above.

Aerobatics may not be everyone's cup of tea but this area of flying can greatly increase a pilot's range of flying skills by improving unusual attitude recovery, flight accuracy and speed control. These aerobatic skills improve confidence in the air and can help make you a safer pilot.

Basic aerobatic manoeuvres include loops, chandelles, 'humpty bumps' and stall turns.

The basic aerobatics training schedule is loosely based on the competition aerobatic curriculum as this adds a degree of structure and rigour to the training. However, it is not presumed that all pilots will want to progress to aerobatic competitions and may just enjoy the delights of a silent ballet!

All aerobatic flying training is carried out at altitude in modern semi-aerobatic certified gliders that are part of the constantly maintained fleet at the Cambridge Gliding Centre.



In due course, we hope to run dedicated weekends with guest instructors for those achieving a higher level of aerobatics competence.


As the aerobatics are considered intermediate to advanced pilot training, it is suitable only for pilots that are already flying at a good solo standard.

Aerotow launches to 4,000′ are usual, to allow sufficient height and time for a comprehensive aerobatic training session.


To enrol in basic aerobatics please contact the office on 01767 677077 or email. Please advise us as to your previous level flying experience. This will enable us to tailor the programme to your requirements. Remember – spaces on these popular aerobatic lessons are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis – book your place today!