Beginner Course

A two day course to learn the basics of glider flight. We recommend this course if you’re keen to learn how to fly and would like a taste of what being a member of our club is like. You’ll share a fully qualified instructor with another beginner while you complete five aerotows to 2000ft and two sessions in the simulator.

Please book your course through the office

Price – £500 (50% deposit paid on booking)

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This two-day course is specifically designed to get you started on the road to becoming a licensed glider pilot! Over your five flights and two simulator sessions the focus will be on learning to control the glider and becoming familiar with the fascinating world of soaring flight. Gliding is a social, participation sport which requires the help of others to get airborne so for your course you will be partnered with another beginner.

Your Beginner Course includes

  • A qualified instructor shared with another course member
  • Five aerotows to 2000ft spread over the course of two days
  • Two 30 minutes sessions in the simulator
  • A ground school session and a debrief to consolidate what you’ve learnt
  • A logbook to track your flights

When to fly

Because gliding is a seasonal sport and we’d like you to get the most out of your course, you’ll only be able to book it during the summer (April – September).

This course can only be booked starting on Mondays.

What to bring

  • Before arriving on the first day, you should watch our short Airfield Safety video
  • Appropriate clothing and shoes for being outside on an exposed airfield. Trousers are recommended.
  • Sunglasses, sun cream, and a hat.

Medical Restrictions

You should be of good general health and be able to sign our medical declaration when you fly. If you have any queries please contact the office before purchasing. However, you will not be able to fly if you are:

  • More than 16 stone (102 kg);
  • Under 14 years old;

Small Print

Your voucher is only valid within 12 months of purchase.

We try to avoid “small print”, however, we have to remind prospective pilots that gliding is weather dependent and subject, on occasions, to other operational restrictions. Where flights cannot be taken on the intended day a fresh booking will be willingly offered without any penalty.

If aerotows are unavailable we will attempt to provide winch launches as an alternative.

However if an alternative date is not possible for your reasons a refund will normally be possible subject to a handling charge of 15% of the voucher face value.