Gliding Holiday Course for Two


A discounted course package for two people learning to fly together.

Course students can expect to make two to five flights per day, assuming flyable weather, ranging from short training flights from a winch launch, through to longer soaring flights of 30 minutes or more.



A five-day course is an excellent way to begin to learn to fly gliders.

Course Dates for 2021:-

  • 8th – 12th March
  • 22nd – 26th March
  • 12th – 16th April
  • 26th – 30th April
  • 10th – 14th May
  • 24th – 28th May
  • 7th – 11th June
  • 21st – 25th June
  • 5th – 9th July
  • 19th – 23rd July
  • 2nd – 6th August
  • 6th – 10th September
  • 20th – 24th September

What this package includes

  • Discounted 5 Day temporary membership for two people (£170 in total, reduced from £320)
  • Courses run Monday – Friday (9:00 am – 5:30 pm)
  • Expect 2 -5 flights per day
  • £340 of credit for launch and flying costs each (£680 in total) at members rates
    • Any additional flying will be charged at members’ rates
  • Ground school and briefings
  • Pilots log book and training record
  • Full £160 discount on membership if you choose the join the club after the course

Contact the office on 01767 677077 to book! 

Course Details

Course students can expect to make two to five flights per day, assuming flyable weather, ranging from short training flights from a winch launch, through to longer soaring flights of 30 minutes or more.

In addition to winch launches, aero-tow launches or motorglider training flights will also be available for students choosing to take higher launches. Beginners will be encouraged to take advantage of this for their early flights as this can accelerate learning of hands-on flying skills.

Ground school training will be fitted in during the week, where possible using any periods of poor weather, to introduce topics such as principles of flight, winch launching, airmanship when soaring, circuit planning and basic meteorology. Additional ground school sessions may be held if poor weather persists to introduce topics such as air law, navigation, and radio telephony.

Course Benefits

During the course, you can expect to increase your ability to fly and soar in our two-seater gliders. You will be shown how to fly increasing portions of each flight, from take-offs to flying circuits and approaches/landings. You will be shown how the launch point is crewed and take turns in these roles. Advanced students can expect to progress to stalling and spinning exercises and other exercises required in preparation for solo flight.

Going solo typically requires training over a number of weeks or months and depends on instructor assessment of the readiness of each individual for solo. This will depend on the cumulative time spent airborne, number/type of launches and individual demonstrated ability.


To enrol on a course contact the office on 01767 677077 between 09:30 and 14:30.

Please let us know whether you are a beginner or if you have previous flying experience. This will enable us to tailor the course to your requirements.

Remember – spaces on these popular courses are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis – book your place TODAY!

Food & Accommodation

Accommodation costs and meal costs are additional. For those outside of daily commuting distance and preferring to reside on-site, we are pleased to offer basic accommodation in our bunk house bookable through the office. Alternatively, bed and breakfast or hotel accommodation are available locally. The kitchen in the clubhouse is available for those wishing to self-cater or make hot drinks. Pre-packed sandwiches and snacks are available for sale from the office.

Course Costs

The course fee of £850 includes temporary membership (£85 per person, £170 in total) for the week, tuition, ground school, and a credit of £340 for each person (£680 in total) against launch and flying charges at member rates as published on our website. As a guideline, a short training flight from a winch launch costs around £20. A 20-minute flight launched by aerotow costs around £55. A 30-minute motorglider flight costs around £45. Students can review their credit in the office and can top this up if necessary to purchase additional flying beyond the course allocation. Any residual credit at the end of the course can be retained for further flying at the Club, or can be refunded if required.

Places can be reserved with a £170 non-refundable payment. Thereafter costs will depend on the amount of flying that you enjoy – however typically 5 days of intensive flying using aerotow might cost £625 per person including the reservation fee whilst 5 days of less intensive flying using winch launches might cost £360 per person.

Medical Restrictions

If you satisfy the medical requirements for the normal UK driving licence you should be fine. However, you will not be able to fly if you are:

  • More than 16 stone (102 kg);
  • Under 14 years old;
  • You cannot fly if you are subject to sudden disabling health attacks such as epilepsy.

Small Print

1. Course fees are non-refundable.

2. The flying charges indicated are correct at the time of publication. However, prices are subject to change.