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Looking for an exciting day out? Searching for a truly unique gift for someone special? Want to take up an incredible new hobby? With a broad range of courses and packages, we're bound to have something that's just
right for you.

About gliding

Using naturally-occurring currents of rising air to remain airborne, gliders can fly for hours and travel hundreds of kilometres. Learn more about the science and engineering that makes this possible. There is always more to
learn with gliding!

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Join our helpful and growing community. We believe the fun, friendship and adventure of gliding should be open to everyone. Our club is easily accessible from Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire
and Suffolk.

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Airfield channel: 131.280
Gransden Lodge Airfield
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Cambridge Gliding Centre is a trading name of Cambridge Gliding Club Ltd
and is a registered CASC.

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