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Young Adult Membership offers full access to the club and its facilities at much-reduced prices. To join you must be over 18* years old, or up to 30* if in full-time education.

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Join us and we will teach you:

  • To fly a glider solo. The minimum age to fly on your own is 14 – years before you can learn to drive!
  • How to soar and climb using invisible lift, staying airborne for hours at a time with no engine, just like a bird.
  • To navigate cross-country, perform aerobatics, or simply float around enjoying the view.

There is a thriving young person scene, both at Cambridge Gliding Centre and throughout the UK. Join us and discover a unique and incredible new hobby that is both very exciting and extremely rewarding.

Young Person Membership is available to people under 21* years old (under 25* if in full time education). It includes all the benefits of Full Membership at a cost of from £140 per year.

Young Adults between the ages of 21* to 25* and those who are in full time education, benefit from reduced Full Membership costs as follows:

  • Aged 18-21 or in full time education £140.00
  • Aged 21-22 or in 1st year after leaving full time education £257.00
  • Aged 22-23 or in 2nd year after leaving full time education £375.00
  • Aged 23-24 or in 3rd year after leaving full time education £525.00
  • Aged 24-25 or in 4th year after leaving full time education £670.00
Payment by quarterly instalment schemes are available for most age ranges.
The full flying  membership fee is charged on reaching the age of 30*.
*Age at 1st April

Flying Charges (Young Adults) effective 1st April 2024

All charged in 5 minute fractions of the hour for flying time only.

Aircraft Type Cost
Per Hour  Max
Two Seat Training Aircraft  £30.00  £90.00
Junior  £24.84  £72.00
Pegasus, Discus  £32.40  £94.00
Simulator  £20.00
Motor Glider  £93.00
Robin DR400/180R  £190.00 (£20 minimum)

Launch Charges (Young Adults)

Launch Cost
Winch £9.15
Aerotow – 1,000 ft £28.00
Aerotow – 1,500 ft £34.00
Aerotow – 2,000 ft £40.00
Aerotow – 2,500 ft £46.00
Aerotow – 3,000 ft £52.00
Aerotow – 4,000 ft £64.50
Aerotow – 5,000 ft £77.05

Additional aerotow height is charged at £1.20 per 100 ft above 1000 ft, at £1.25 per 100 ft above 3000 ft and at £1.30 per 100 ft above 5000 ft.


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