Arriving at Gransden Lodge by Air

This page is for pilots who may wish to visit Gransden Lodge.


Gliders are welcome to visit us.  A briefing on things to consider when flying with us can be found here.

Powered aircraft

Prior Permission Required (PPR) is mandatory for all non-CGC based powered aircraft arriving at Gransden Lodge.

For the purposes of this restriction Powered Aircraft includes Motor Gliders and TMGs but does not include powered sailplanes whether self-launching or sustainers.

This permission must be requested the day prior to the planned arrival and can only be given by CGC’s CFI, DCFI or Chief Tug Pilot (CTP).

CGC’s planning permission only allows for power movements when they are directly related to gliding purposes – a PPR request for any other purpose is likely to be refused.

Please request PPR by contacting CGC’s Office by telephone on 01767 677 077 or email with the following information:

  • Aircraft Type and registration
  • Pilot Name, phone number and email address
  • Departure Point
  • Confirm whether aircraft is FLARM equipped
  • Purpose of visit 
  • Desired dates and times

The office will then endeavour to make contact with one of the authorising officers.

Once permission has been granted, please contact the CGC Office on the day of arrival to confirm the Runway / Circuit in use and you to confirm that you have received and will comply with the information contained in the supplied briefing note.

PPR requests for non-SLMG or non-Glider-Tug arrivals where the arrival and/or departure times occur when gliding operation is active, will be granted only under exceptional circumstances.

If you are planning to visit Gransden Lodge by air, please ensure that you read this document containing essential information for pilots flying powered planes at Gransden Lodge.