Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Statement

As chair of the Cambridge Gliding Centre (CGC), I am ultimately responsible for all Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) issues related to all CGC employees and members on the airfield, and for the protection of others who may be affected by our activities.

Responsibility for Health and Safety in connection with the flying operations rests ultimately with the Chief Flying Instructor as detailed in the CGC Flying Orders.

As Chairman I consider EHS matters equally with other objectives of the CGC and will ensure that adequate provision is made for those resources required for the realisation of this Policy. This will be achieved through:

  • Maintaining a positive Environmental, Health & Safety culture at CGC.
  • The pursuit of continual improvements in our EHS Management System and performance.
  • Making sure that arrangements for preventing accidents and mitigating the consequences of any that do occur are adequate and that there are suitable liaisons with external emergency services.
  • Providing an effective means of communicating EHS issues throughout the CGC and reporting on the performance of our EHS Management System to the AGM.
  • Auditing and reviewing, periodically, the implementation of this Policy throughout the CGC and developing the Policy where improvements are identified.
  • Actively encouraging employee, member and other stakeholder contribution and participation in EHS matters through effective consultation with them.

Cambridge Gliding Centre is committed to a proactive approach to the systematic identification of hazards and the adequate assessment and control of risks throughout the club.

The board has appointed two officers (Ground Safety Officer and Flight Safety Officer) who will provide advice and will liaise with external authorities on matters relating to health, safety and the environment while developing the EHS system on site.

This Policy will be reviewed annually or upon any changes within the CGC organisation which may affect its implementation.

Phil Atkin, chair

January 2024