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Young people up to the age of 18 can join and benefit from heavily discounted membership and flying rates.

Cambridge Gliding Centre also operates an annual bursary award scheme aimed at providing financial support for young persons wanting to progress in gliding.

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Join us and we will teach you:

  • To fly a glider solo. The minimum age to fly on your own is 14 – years before you can learn to drive!
  • How to soar and climb using invisible lift, staying airborne for hours at a time with no engine, just like a bird.
  • To navigate cross-country, perform aerobatics, or simply float around enjoying the view.

There is a thriving young person scene, both at Cambridge Gliding Centre and throughout the UK. Join us and discover a unique and incredible new hobby that is both very exciting and extremely rewarding.

Flying Charges (Young Persons) effective 1st April 2024

All charged in 5 minute fractions of the hour for flying time only. (Special rates apply to young person scheme members, family members, young adult members, and Lite members.)

Aircraft Type Cost
Per Hour  Max
Two Seat Training Aircraft  £24.00  £75.00
Junior  £20.64  £55.00
Pegasus, Discus  £27.00  £80.00
Simulator  £20.00
Motor Glider  £93.00
Robin DR400/180R  £190.00 (£20 minimum)

Launch Charges (Young Persons)

Launch Cost
Winch £9.15
Aerotow – 1,000 ft £28.00
Aerotow – 1,500 ft £34.00
Aerotow – 2,000 ft £40.00
Aerotow – 2,500 ft £46.00
Aerotow – 3,000 ft £52.00
Aerotow – 4,000 ft £64.50
Aerotow – 5,000 ft £77.05

Additional aerotow height is charged at £1.20 per 100 ft above 1000 ft, at £1.25 per 100 ft above 3000 ft and at £1.30 per 100 ft above 5000 ft.

1 review for Young Person Membership

  1. Frazer Reavell

    Amazing opportunity for me to get to live my dream of flying, getting great support from the instructors and other members. Great atmosphere, and really enjoy the flying and the club feel.

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