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Cambridge Gliding Centre is a large club with a wide range of facilities available for members to use. As a full member you will have access to everything the club has to offer plus the opportunity to get involved with the active social calendar and day to day running of the club.

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Flying Charges (Full Flying Members) effective 1st April 2024

All charged in 5 minute fractions of the hour for flying time only. (Special rates apply to young person scheme members, family members, young adult members, and Lite members.)

Aircraft Type Cost
Per Hour  Max
Two Seat Training Aircraft  £48.00  £150.00
Junior  £41.40  £110.00
Pegasus, Discus  £54.00  £160.00
Simulator  £20.00
Motor Glider  £93.00
Robin DR400/180R  £190.00 (£20 minimum)

Launch Charges (Members)

Launch Cost
Winch £12.15
Aerotow – 1,000 ft £28.00
Aerotow – 1,500 ft £34.00
Aerotow – 2,000 ft £40.00
Aerotow – 2,500 ft £46.00
Aerotow – 3,000 ft £52.00
Aerotow – 4,000 ft £64.50
Aerotow – 5,000 ft £77.05

Additional aerotow height is charged at £1.20 per 100 ft above 1000 ft, at £1.25 per 100 ft above 3000 ft and at £1.30 per 100 ft above 5000 ft.

Annual Facility Fees and other charges (Effective 1st October 2023)

Syndicate/private owner with trailer £536.00 p.a. payable £134.00 per quarter
Visitor’s glider – daily facility fee(available for a limited number of occasions per year) £10.00
Syndicate/private owner with trailer and T Hangar £845.00 p.a. payable £211.25 per quarter
Member trailer parking glider non flying (not available to non-members) to be parked in Romney Hut trailer park (pro rata rebate if removed during year) £188 p.a.
Use of FES charging facility £195 p.a. including electricityVisitors £5 per day including electricity
Caravan Park Pitch (New caravans to the site £200 RETURNABLE deposit due) £560 p.a. payable £140.00 per quarter plus electricity
Caravan Storage Pitch (New caravans to the site £200 RETURNABLE deposit due) £188 p.a.
Visiting Touring caravan with use of toilets and showers £15 one night only£30 per 7 day week or part

£60 per 7 day week or part with power

Camping with use of toilets and showers £5 per head per night
Heather Suite £27.50 per night
Bedroom 1 “Arcus” (small double) £28 per night with bedding. £22 per night bring your own bedding
Bedrooms 2 and 3 “Discus” and “Pegasus” (twin rooms) £24 per night (single occupancy)£36 per night (double occupancy) with bedding. £18 per night (single occupancy) £24 per night (double occupancy) bring your own bedding.
Workshop £18 per day (Member working / assisting on own glider)

Other Fees

Aerotow retrieves
£1.90 per km distance from Gransden Lodge Clubhouse. Minimum charge: £25.00.

Bursaries and Scholarships

There are a range of schemes that you might be eligible to apply for to help with the costs of gliding. We have listed some of them here.


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