If you want to learn to fly, membership gives you both the greatest flexibility and the best value for money. Membership of the Cambridge Gliding Centre provides a range of benefits including:

  • Flying at member rates
  • Book lessons at time that suits you
    • 7 days a week during summer, plus some evenings
    • Weekends plus any ad hoc weekdays during winter
  • Book lessons online
  • Access to our fantastic Mintel Gliding simulator
  • Training lectures
  • Social events
  • Expeditions to other gliding sites
  • Support to go from novice to first solo flight and beyond.

We offer a range of membership options to suit your circumstances.

Adult Membership

Full Membership – £745 per year

3 Month Taster Membership – £185 (terms and conditions apply)

Social Membership – £10 per year

Social members do not have flying rights, but are welcome to fly with us in a two seater club glider on up to 3 days a year subject to paying a daily membership fee on each of these days (see below).

Younger Person Memberships

Young Adult – From £130 per year depending on age and educational

Cadet – £110 per year

Admission to the Cadet scheme is by application only, and limited places are available.

Family Membership Deals

Children of a Full Member  – Free

Pre-Solo Spouse of a Full Member – Free

Post-Solo Spouse of a Full Member – £372.50 per year

Solo Spouse membership is not available to those members having access to more than one private glider between them.

The spouse, or partner, and any children (aged under 18) of a full flying member pay no subscription but must enrol separately. For the spouse or partner, this class of membership will continue until the renewal date following their going solo, whereupon they become eligible for post-solo spouse membership (see above).

Children become liable for the young person’s rate at the renewal date following their 18th birthday.

Lite Membership

Cambridge Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club and wishes to be open to the whole community. If you would like to fly with us but are worried about the cost and have only a low/modest income then Lite Membership may be for you. Please contact the club Secretary for further information.

Social Membership

If you would like to keep in touch with the club, you would be most welcome to join as a Social Member, which for only £10 per year:-

    • keeps you in contact with all club news and announcements
    • gives you access to the members’ section of the website
    • enables you and your family to continue to use the clubhouse
    • gives you and your family access to all club social events
    • allows you to come and book (through the office) two seater flying with us on up to 3 days a year, with a daily charge of £25, plus launch and flying fees at members’ rates
    • enables you to continue volunteering at the club if you would like to
    • allows you to attend the club AGM, but not to vote

Social membership is a really good way to keep in touch with your friends at the club, have the occasional flight to remind yourself of what you are missing!

Reciprocal & Day Membership

Daily membership charges for short-term members and reciprocal members of other BGA gliding clubs

One Day – £25 – (plus a  facility fee for reciprocal members with own glider of £10 per day)

Two Days – £50 – (plus a facility fee for reciprocal members with own glider of £10 per day)

£20.00 per day for three days or more up to one week – (plus a facility fee for reciprocal members with own glider of £10 per day)

(Check with the office as to what arrangements and fees apply to your club).

Note: If you join within one week of paying for a daily membership, the cost of daily membership will be deducted from your full membership fee.

Membership Period

Club membership year runs from 1st April to March 31st. On first joining, a member joins for the period until the 31st March, paying the appropriate proportion of the annual subscription rate. Thereafter membership is renewed each 1st April for a year.

Cambridge University & Anglia Ruskin University Students

Students may be able to have discounted membership and flying costs through the Cambridge University Gliding Club which is based at the Cambridge Gliding Centre.  Students interested in this membership option should contact Cambridge University Gliding Club directly for more information.

Hertfordshire Scouts

The Cambridge Gliding Centre, in conjunction with Hertfordshire Scouts, operates a Falke motorglider to offer air experience flights to Scouts.