Lite Membership

Cambridge Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club and wishes to be open to the whole community. If you would like to fly with us but are worried about the cost and have only a low/modest income then please contact the club Secretary for more information.



Cambridge Gliding Club Ltd. is a Community Amateur Sport Club (CASC) and has a policy that cost should not be an insurmountable barrier to participation in gliding. We therefore offer a class of membership called ‘Full Flying Lite’ that provides the benefits of a full flying member at reduced cost. It is available to those people who are on low or modest income and are able to show that they cannot afford the normal club fees.

To benefit under this scheme, potential members should apply in writing and may then be invited to attend a meeting to discuss their application.

Members of this scheme pay a reduced membership subscription of £90 and reduced flying charges. These are set such that it is possible to fly 52 circuits in a two seat club glider for a total cost, including the subscription, of £520. The flying charges are variable depending on the amount of flying undertaken, however prospective members must ensure that they have the ability to afford £520 per year.

If you wish to apply for this class of membership please contact the club Secretary for more information.