BGA Bronze Written Exam Course

If you’re a solo glider pilot but you haven’t got your BGA Bronze badge yet, you should be thinking about sitting the Bronze written exam this winter. To help you, CGC will be running its annual preparation course at the clubhouse at 7pm on Tuesday evenings starting on 21st January 2020, followed by a chance to sit the exam on Tuesday evening 25th February.
Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of whether you need to take the Bronze exam or not; for instance, if you’re bemused by the recent VHF radio frequency changes, the Communications lecture should answer your questions.
There will be 5 ground school sessions, and we will set the Bronze exam for any candidates that want to sit it on the sixth Tuesday:
Tue 21 Jan
  • Introduction
  • Communications
  • Human Performance & Limitations
Tue 28 Jan
  • Air Law and Airmanship
Tue  4 Feb
  • Principles of Flight & Performance
Tue 11 Feb
  • Meteorology
  • Instruments
Tue 18 Feb
  • Navigation lecture
  • Navigation practice
Tue 25 Feb
  • Exam
Each session will be about 2.5 hours long.
If you’re thinking of attending any of the sessions, please drop me a note so that we have some idea of numbers.
Andrew Watson