BGA Club Maintainers’ Course

Dear All,

The BGA is running a new initiative in support of those who maintain gliders at their club or are interested in becoming BGA inspectors or in maintaining their own glider. Gordon MacDonald (BGA CTO) has asked us to publicise the details and the courses below.

You might wish to note that we are currently negotiating for the same course to be run at GRL on a Saturday in late March / early April. For more information or to express your interest in this, please contact Chris Lewis (

The courses aim to give more knowledge (especially with the unavoidable paperwork) and confidence at a practical level whilst building experience in performing permitted pilot owner maintenance.

On completion of the course, maintainers will be able to work in compliance with the legal ‘pilot/owners’ maintenance framework and be able to judge themselves if they have the relevant skills to perform all pilot/owner maintenance tasks. Read about pilot/owner maintenance here

The courses normally commence at 9.30 a.m. and run until around 17.00 p.m.  Please contact to reserve your place. Confirmed places and dates are:

Devon & Somerset – North Hill on 12th Saturday March 2016.

Midland Gliding Club – Long Mynd on Saturday March 19th 2016.

The Gliding Centre – Husband Bosworth on Saturday March 26th 2016.