The 2024 Cambridge Cloud Rally will be held 10th to 18th August and this will be our tenth Cloud Rally.

It is intended to be a sociable and fun week with some competitive flying and the format seems to work. There are two classes flying Distance Handicapped Tasks, with the Racer Class being highly competitive and the Funster Class more relaxed; weather forecasting, tasksetting and scoring like any other major competition; a retrieve pool so that nobody has to worry about crew or being left in a field; onsite catering throughout the week; a well-stocked bar; and some organised and some disorganised social activities in the evenings. It’s meant to be serious fun for all, whether flying competitively or just enjoying the sociable atmosphere.

The Cloud Rally is open to all current CGC/CUGC members and to good friends of CGC, especially past members.

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Phil Atkin, Director