A reminder that 7 day a week flying starts on April 1st. This means that instructional flights can be booked for every day of the week (see Booking page on the website under the Members tab) and, of course, that winching and aerotow are also available every day.

Visit by Seb Kawa

The special event this summer is undoubtedly the visit by Seb Kawa (that’s him in the photo).

Sebastian Kawa (pronounced “Carver”) who has been world champion 10 times, will visit the club from Saturday May 14th to Monday 16th.

The programme will be along the lines of two short ground school sessions each morning followed by two seater flying with Sebastian. Sebastian is keen to teach and encourage all levels of soaring and cross country flying from novice to pundit. The ground school sessions will therefore be tailored to different levels of experience and there will be equal opportunities for all pilots to get the chance to fly with him. To keep it fair, this may involve a degree of coin tossing!

Sebastian will also be giving an evening lecture on the Saturday. His visit will be a great opportunity to learn more tricks of the trade whatever your level of experience so watch out for further details of Sebastian’s visit.


The other innovation this summer is that we will be setting aside an area at the northern end of the west trailer park for members and their families to camp. This area will be available from April 1st to September 30th. Further details will be found separately on the Members’ News and Diary page.


We are very pleased to announce that Lyn Brister will offer breakfast in the clubhouse on Saturdays and Sundays starting on Saturday April 2nd. Breakfast will be available from 8am to 11am. Ideal for campers!