Winter aerobatics training

We have arranged for Aerobatics training to run on three Saturdays through November (5, 19 & 26). Martin and Graham have very kindly agreed to provide theory and flying instruction. There will be a short ground school session each morning after the regular briefing. One K21 will be available and we will operate a traditional flying list. Put your name down and the instructors will do their best to work through the list.

The flying will be dependent upon the weather and the number of people on the list.

There is no need to book in advance for the Aerobatics Training. The earlier the glider and tug can be got ready in the morning the earlier you can start flying. Also, the earlier you arrive to get a the kit ready, the higher up the list you will be. There is no additional cost for the Aerobatics course, all flying is at normal club rates.

Depending on weather / demand / instructor availability we hope to extend the training through to the New Year and once everyone that wants to has got their Aerobatics endorsement we will look to arrange a basic Aerobatics competition (just for fun) so you can test out your new skills.

If you have any questions, please contact Justin (