Winter Lecture programme

The Winter Lectures have now been finalised. Please see the updated program below:

As ever the regular spot is Thursdays at 7.30 pm  in the clubhouse, bar open from 7.

All welcome. Tell your mates.

Colin Smithers

Winter Lectures Co-ordinator

– – – – – – – – – – –

23rd Jan    David Tew           Tephigrams: What they can tell us

David will be giving us a thorough and detailed look at Tephigrams,  how they are generated, what the lines mean, their basic interpretation and what they can be used to predict about the flying day ahead. Bring a notepad, pencil and some Ibuprofen, as this is packed full and fast moving.

6th Feb      Keith Wilson – professional aviation photographer

Keith will give us a spectacular presentation of his work. He has been before, it is really good stuff and this is his latest and freshest material ….

20th Feb  Finn Sleigh         From Ab Initio to the Junior Worlds

          CGC’s own Finn Sleigh describes his personal journey from first flights via the highs and lows of an intensive training program to a silver podium position in the Junior Worlds last year.

5th Mar      Sharing the airspace around RAF Lakenheath

USAF operational staff from Lakenheath Approach will describe what they get up to and what we need to be aware of. Previous visits have shown that this can be a mutual opportunity. Essential viewing if you fly close to the places they do. And that’s most of us, by the way.

19th Mar  An introduction to Nav aids and conspicuity devices

By request a talk for early solo pilots on modern navigational aids of varying cost and complexity, and of conspicuity devices such as Flarm. Lecturer TBD.

2nd Apr      Now We Are Silver

A panel of middle experienced CGC pilots will take us on their journeys from silver and through uncharted waters beyond the main training syllabus to being an established and self-motivated pilot.