CGC and the Blustery Day

I turned up at the airfield on a day when flying did not seem likely. The forecast had not seemed promising the previous evening and the actual weather on the drive up to Gransden Lodge airfield seem to bear this out.

I looked at the windsock at Duxford aerodrome as I drove past it in the M11 on the way to Cambridge Gliding club.

You know it is windy when you can see through the wind sock, you know it is really windy when the windsock has been blown away as was the case with the one by the track on the way in.

Anyway we had the morning briefing and looking at the actual numbers on the club weather station there seemed to be a window in the morning where with the wind down the main runway and flying could take place.

We got the two study K21’s out as this was not a day for the Juniors, the club’s light single seaters.

We got several instructional flights in including a soaring flight during the morning all getting aerotows heights from a winch launch.

On one of my flights the glider managed to stay up for 15 mins or so practically hovering in one place like a large kestrel over Great Gransden.

Visibility was good and I was able to see right across Cambridgeshire and to the new & old Bedford rivers cutting across the landscape to the wash, filled in by winter rain.

The flight felt entirely safe with the highly experienced instructors we have at CGC.

The amazing simulator was used for the newer students who are learning to fly.

Another great morning of activity at the club.