Heavy Snow in Bedfordshire

Winter flying can be fun with crisp clear days & good visibility on the days the sun has got his hat on.

It is important to dress up warm of course although it can get nice & toasty in the cockpit with clear blue skies.

It is also a great time to learn to fly or if you already can prepare for spring & the return of thermic conditions.

The airfield is much less busy with the queues to launch nonexistent & less aircraft traffic for a new pilot to worry about when concentrating on learning to fly with an instructor.

On really special days when it has snowed as was the case in mid December 2022 we can still fly if the rest of the weather condition allow clouds, wind and of course the airfield conditions.
A check of the runways & the gliders and we all set to fly.  

Whilst the air temperature was low we were warmed by the winter sun as we had no clouds, just a perfect azure sky.

The view from the air was fantastic with the fields of Bedfordshire veiled in white.