Inter-Club League

Colin Hinson - 871WaitingToGo7thAugust

The Inter-Club League is a friendly competition among small number of nearby clubs (in our case: Gransden, The Gliding Centre – Husbands Bosworth and London Gliding Club – Dunstable). It is distributed over several weekends during the summer.

For those who have not flown in competitions before, this is an excellent, low-stress introduction!

For 2019  the dates are as follows:

Husbands Bosworth: 4th – 6th May
Gransden Lodge: 15th – 16th June
Dunstable: 27th – 28th July

The UK Finals will also be at Gransden Lodge on 30th August – 1st September, and we understand that we are allowed to field a team, even if we don’t win our region’s competition!

Each club fields a team of three on each day – Novice, Intermediate, and Pundit – but the team does not have to consist of the same people on every day. The host club provides the necessary facilities including weather forecasting, task-setting, and scoring.

The pilot classes are defined as follows:-


Any pilot who, by 1st April of the League year:

  • has not entered more than one Regional competition (Junior Championship excepted)
  • has not flown a UK 300k as P1 other than in the previous year
  • has not flown a UK 500k as P1

Novices may only fly a club class glider and must not carry water ballast.


Any pilot who by 1st April of the League year:

  • has not flown a UK 750k
  • has not achieved a top 50% position in any Nationals in the last ten years


Anyone can be a pundit. If desired, a pilot may fly in a higher class, e.g. a pilot qualifying for Intermediate status may be entered as his club’s Pundit.

For more information contact Chris Lewis