New Launch Point Bus

After many years of service the old launch point bus has reached the end of the road, so a small team of volunteers were tasked with finding a replacement, and after couple of months of searching, they found an excellent new vehicle for the club. It’s a 3 litre Iveco, with space for 20 seats, but currently configured for wheelchairs. With less than 100,000 miles on the clock it’s very low mileage for a bus, and it’s in excellent condition.

The bus isn’t yet in service at the launch point as it needs some modifications, some seats and the wheelchair tail lift need removing, the roof needs painting, ground band radio needs installing and storage for aircraft seatbacks and ballast needs making so if you think you could help with any of these tasks contact Simon Hay or Duncan Bullman as there’s a fair amount of work to do before the start of seven days a week flying in April.